New member.  Information overload

Discussion created by acumenjay on Oct 22, 2016
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Just stumbled on this site and seems like a great resource.  I recently took a new job and decided to just do Marriott and am now Gold Elite after about 6 months and looking into a family vacation with points soon as they are starting to add up quickly. 


I was wondering if everything is on the calendar year and trying to look into a challenge to get to Platinum quicker.  I won't travel as much around the holidays so not sure I'd get my 9 visits in 3 months if I start right now (I think I have about 5 or 6 on the calendar right now).  I guess my question is, if I wait until the new year for a challenge, then get the Platinum challenge, does my status last for a year from the date that I achieve Platinum?