Fresh Bites

Discussion created by 100nightsplus on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by flagirl01

I already have 120 business travel nights this year and have never run into my room service being delivered in a bag. I am at the brand new Marriott Hotel in downtown Syracuse NY. They are doing a "pilot" program of their room service being Fresh Bites. Basically, you get your dinner in a bowl or box, with plastic utensils and delivered in a bag. Unbelievable!! I always take my meals in my room and I expect a tray, real silverware with a salt and pepper shaker. Same experience in my room as if I went down to the restaurant. It would appear that Marriott is looking to cut costs and make the room service, experience so bad, you will simply go to the restaurant. I may have to start looking into going to other hotels. As it is, I am checking out of this one early!