Transfering points rob you of your lifetime points!

Discussion created by tnicoll on Oct 26, 2016
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A little frustrated today and I need to know if this makes any sense!!  I recently transferred points to a co-worker to assist him in finalizing his upcoming honeymoon trip.  When I checked my account a few days later, Marriott subtracted that same amount out of my lifetime point status! I contacted the platinum help desk to get an understanding on why this would happen.  After being placed on hold for 15 minutes the representative came back to inform me that I didn't read the rules closely enough.  Long story short, I lose all rights and privileges to the points once I transfer them to anyone (which makes sense from the point perspective of the transfer but doesn't make sense from the lifetime point perspective).  The fine print does not make this clear nor did the representative warn me of this issue when I was transferring the points.


I am sorry if I am the only one bothered by this.  Marriott's website is clear on how to earn points to get you to the 2 million points necessary for lifetime platinum status.  No where does it say "except if you transfer points, then you'll lose all the points you earn."


After speaking with the representative, it was clear that Marriott has a tracking point issue.  You would think by now they would exclude internal point transfers within the lifetime point status accumulation (and allowed the original owner of the points, the one that earned them, to retain them in the lifetime point category).  Then to put icing on top of everything, I told the representative that I transferred the points to help out a co-worker to finish his stays (he needed 40K points for one more night for his honeymoon) wherein he chuckled and explained that I should have booked the reservation myself.. then the lifetime points would have stayed on my account.  I asked him to think really hard about what he just said.. The POINTS ARE TAKEN OUT OF MY ACCOUNT TO PAY FOR A NIGHT NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT!



AH!!!! I'll get off the soap box but when an individual earns points it should stay with him... hence the LIFETIME POINT ACCUMULATION!!!