Shanghai Center City Marriott goes above and beyond!

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I understand this is to recognize a single employee, but for the life of me it is very hard to distinguish any single employee without expressing my sincere gratitude and appreciation for every member of the staff.


I had a medical emergency late one evening while staying at the hotel.  I called to the front desk for assistance and a team of three people came to my room.  I was in such pain that I literally was on the floor of the hallway trying to get to the elevator.  The staff contacted a hospital and got me prompt medical attention.  But here is where the staff really showed the type of people they are ...


A young man was with me in the ambulance as we headed to the hospital.  He spoke English and helped me deal with my situation and was with me throughout the process of checking into a Chinese hospital with no ability to communicate in the native language.  A few hours later this young man was still in my room ensuring that I was comfortable and getting everything I needed from the hospital staff.  It was only then, at 2 am in the morning that I saw the Marriott badge on his chest.  He was there to make sure I was ok and would not leave until I was comfortable.  I was absolutely astounded.  But it
did not stop there.  In the
morning I received a call from Mr. Frank Sanders, the GM of the Shanghai City Center Marriott.  He was genuinely concerned about my condition and offered any help possible to get my condition resolved.  He sent a car to the hospital along with an associate (Melinda) whose instructions were to make sure that I was safe and well taken care of.  Melinda informed me that she would not leave my side until I had received all the necessary medical attention I required.  Melinda accompanied my to a local American Clinic where I received the medical attention I required.  She waited for me along with the car and driver and then brought me back to my hotel.  During the time we traveled to the clinic, Melinda asked me about what I enjoyed or should be eating ... she then arranged, without my knowledge or request, to have the chef prepare something for me that was ready upon my return.  I had not eaten for 24 hours.  Another person that went far above and beyond was the Guest Services Manager ... a compassionate and lovely woman that did many things to enable all of this support.  When Melinda and I returned to the hotel, I was personally greeting by Mr. Sanders and the Guest Services Manager outside the hotel.  It was also Mr. Sanders that recommended the clinic that ultimately helped get the best medical care.


Lastly, in the ride back to the hotel I asked Melinda how she liked her job and how long she had been at Marriott.  She has been with Marriott 18 months and showed a strong commitment to her GM, her hotel, but even more so to her customers.  She told me that her GM routinely expresses the concept of making customers feel like someone really cares ... like they have an extended family at the hotel.  She also stated that she enjoys her job very much and she herself feels a loyalty and pride working for Marriott, such that she herself feels the hotel staff is a family.


I am a Platinum Premier member at Marriott and I have never appreciated the level of service that I encountered at this hotel.  From the GM to every single member of the staff, particularly Melinda ... my heartfelt thanks.  This letter is by no means adequate to express my appreciation.  Frank Sanders and his staff are world class hotel professionals, but they are even better people.