Platinum Arrival Gift Hoodwink!

Discussion created by minnetraveler on Oct 12, 2016

So I checked into a Courtyard on Monday, and during my check in process, the man working the front desk says to me, "have you ever had a Propel before?" I replied, "No, i haven't. Why?" He responds, "They're great! Let me grab you one!" Thinking this guy was just jazzed about Propel and wanted to share the spirit, I happily accepted (flavorless Propel, by the way, is not good, I have found out). As I was walking away from the desk with keys in hand, I remembered that he forgot my platinum arrival gift! So I went back to him and said, "oh by the way, I think I get as platinum arrival gift - I'll take the points" (I think courtyards are offering food credit and points now, though? ). And he says, "oh no, I didn't forgot. You got the Propel!" Not sure how to respond, I say, "oh yeah... Thanks...." And I walked away wondering if the guy is a master salesman or just clueless.


At the end of the day it doesn't really matter because if I wanted a candy bar instead of a Propel I can easily expense it, but it was super odd. It's not like I can really complain about it, I believe mean, I got a Propel, I guess.


Anyone else get hoodwinked for your gift???