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Platinum arrival gift policy changed?

Question asked by fafman on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by pilam76

I know this topic has been beaten to death however, I still want to share my experience.


Last week I checked into a AC Marriott property in Madrid and to my surprise, I was not even acknowledged for being a platinum member let alone the arrival gift.


Anyways I called up Marriott rewards customer service the very next day and again, the day after and they promised me they will follow up within 24 hours which never happened. This is before check out.


The hotel front desk refused to offer me any sort of compensation for not meeting the Guaranteed arrival gift. In fact, they made me wait 20 mins for me to meet a manager who never showed up. I left since I was getting late for dinner. Making a customer wait for over 20 mins is ridiculous.


Now that I am back stateside, I called up customer service again and they tell me the actual policy has verbiage where the hotel has a chance to correct? So if a hotel does not give you a guaranteed arrival gift at check-in, they have an opportunity to do so before we check out and they wont be responsible for the penalty. See below verbiage sent by the customer service member via email.


Elite Benefit Guarantee Compensation

  • Advise member in future they must notify property of non-delivered benefit prior to check-out
    • Property must have the opportunity to correct service failure

This contradicts everything I know about the GAF program. This also puts members in a catch 20-20 situation. You cannot claim a benefit after you check out, which gives an opportunity for the hotel to add the points before check out without being responsible for the penalty. Doesn't make sense to me.

Has the policy changed?