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Having trouble registering for the Fall MegaBonus Promotion - help, please

Question asked by j&c on Oct 8, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by j&c

I am hoping that one of the Community Managers may be able to help me. I tried to sign-up for the 10,000 points Fall MegaBonus yesterday afternoon - reply form says I'm already signed up. I did not. A call to Ella at Marriott Platinum Guest Services confirmed that I had not previously registered but she was unable to sign me up. Ella put together a Marriott Tech Support work order and to call back Wednesday for an update on the work order. C and I are staying at the Courtyard after our son's wedding on Sunday (10/9) so we need to be enrolled before Sunday. NathalieF carat and AndrewT can you please help? Thank-you, J