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Anyone have these issues?

Question asked by platinummember01 on Oct 7, 2016
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Good afternoon,


I've been a rewards member for just a few years, and geared my travel preferences to hit platinum status. I've run into a few bumps along the way, but to no avail from Marriott at local or Customer Care levels.


At a recent stay in Trumbull, CT at a full-service Marriott, my co-worker reserved two rooms, one for him and for myself. As we always do, upon arrival I changed one of his rooms to my name, and provided my Marriott card and reward number to do so.
In this exchange, the clerk took my card and ID and entered something; I do not know what as I did not babysit his keystrokes. However, I was not offered a platinum check-in gift of either points or $10 beverage credit like I usually am. But no issue. So I asked him, "Did you put the Concierge access on this?" and he replied "Yes." I checked into both the Concierge and my room with no issue.

The following morning, it dawned on me that I hadn't gotten offered anything for my platinum arrival gift. Upon discussing it with my more experienced co-worker, he informed me that I'll receive a $100 courtesy payment for not being offered. I confirmed this online to be true. So I explained what happened to the front desk manager, who brought up my reservation. She said my reward number was not entered yesterday at check-in, and that's why I was not offered anything. I had Concierge access, so I assumed he must have known I was a member. However, she said I was only given Concierge access because my co-worker is also a platinum member and that I was considered to be accompanying him, since he had made the reservation originally. It was a courtesy to him to let me in.


I disagree with her assessment of the situation, as the room was transferred to me, a platinum member, who provided his membership credentials and Marriott credit card at check in and assumed the room. I paid for the room. I do not believe I'm responsible for the clerks mistake at my check-in, and do believe that per the membership agreement, that I should receive the *guaranteed* arrival gift. And I use the term *guaranteed* VERY loosely.

As I was getting nowhere from the front desk manager, I called the Marriott Rewards customer service line to explain the situation again. After 4-5 transfers, I was ultimately told that the hotel was in the right.


In another attempt to resolve this, I explained the situation via email on Marriott Customer Care. The only response I received was a "Thank you for resolving this issue Richard, but I'll need some additional details before I can close out this complaint." As I said before, that was the ONLY response; I had no message in my inbox or junk folder that even acknowledged my letter. It was more of a slap in the face and blowing it off entirely.


Next, I was advised by a co-worker of a bonus points promotion for 10k points for 10 nights. I was unaware of it, and double checked "My Promotions" on my account. It wasn't there. So I requested that I get credit for the prior weeks stay for 5 nights in Houston TX and would like to be enrolled in it. I was told that I would not be getting retroactive credit and provided a link to sign up. That's 2 strikes in one week.


Lastly, earlier this summer, I attempted to stay at a Marriott beach resort using points. I could see that they had at least 6 different types of rooms available for cash, 3 days out from arrival. But I was blocked off for points. So I requested they open up one more room for me for points, and was told by the room controller that he'd check with corporate and get back me that day. He didn't get back to me that day, or that night, and my girlfriend and I called the following day a number of times as well, at which point they were "still looking into it." Then, at 11PM, I got a call to confirm that they will not be opening the room up for points but would be glad to book it for cash.


At this point, with the amount of travel I do, I can make Diamond status at the Hilton chain in very little time. I'll be doing just that starting next year. If a room for points and $100 is what keeps Marriott afloat despite it's most loyal members, then I don't want to be part of it. I told them in simple terms to please remedy the situation, but nothing.