Valuable Starwood/Marriott Map from Trillo 88 @ Flyertalk

Discussion created by erc on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by carat

The Starwood Flyertalk forum provides some excellent insights into the merger and its various value opportunities. Here's a map one of the posters so thoughtfully built.  From chatting with several of my Starwood buddies, it appears (to me, YMMV) that the Starwood high elites get better recognition than the Marriott elites do (more real upgrades, less begging and headaches) and that the Marriott properties are priced more attractively (which is fine by me, that's why I don't play at the Ritz and love me some JW and Rens, more beer money).  Enjoy, and a big thank you to trillo88 (a thoughtful, hard working tech wizard).  This has proven helpful to me in cities like Chicago and Boston where it's hard to find a great Marriott deal (due to their high occupancy - except in zero or less temperatures ).


If for whatever reason you can't get through (most likely because I somehow messed it up) don't bug me, I'm a step behind the Amish when it comes to technology. Go to Flyertalk Starwood and get it directly from the source (lots of good info there - instead of counting your badges, read this instead ).