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Poor Customer Service

Question asked by ajh2015 on Oct 9, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by insertcoffee

I just lost over 46,000 points. Apparently at the beginning of the year, Marriott has instate a policy that if you have not used or redeemed points in 24 months, they expire. I was trying to book at stay, and noticed that my pointed expired 2 months ago. I called customer service to see if there was anything that could be done, and the woman was RUDE. I let her know that the reason I stay with Marriott is because of the rewards program, and I would not be staying with them any longer. She said that was fine. What kind of customer service is that?! She never even asked for my name or rewards number. Just said they sent letters out. I am fuming. Has anyone had any luck getting their points back? Is there anything that can be done? They expired on 7-27-16 and I just stayed with them 9-25-16. Seems pretty crappy if you ask me. I will start looking for IHG hotels, where my points and business is welcome I suppose...