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Best Place to Hold a Corporate Retreat?

Question asked by nationwide on Oct 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by iahflyr

Fellow Insiders, I am beginning to think about 2017.  I'd love to hear your suggestions regarding the best place to hold a leadership retreat.  Every year we head "offsite," in the middle of January to lay out our operating plans for the year.  Getting away from the noise of the office is essential to clear thinking and the time together promotes camaraderie on the team.  I'd love to hear suggestions from Insiders about great Marriott locations, or perhaps non-Marriott locales, where you've had a similar retreat.


We've done the beach at Hilton Head, a mountain cottage in the North GA mountains, and a golf trip in Augusta.  Essential items are a quiet place to meet, close proximity to dining, and some unique things to do locally.  It will need to be in the continental USA, and accessible to a major airport.  I'd love to do something new and different.  Where have you gone to have a productive offsite for a few days?  I am anxious to hear your thoughts.