Columbus Marriott Northwest

Discussion created by taxman193 on Oct 11, 2016
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I hate to do this here. I very rarely have any issues and I am a devoted Marriott fan and probably always will be. However, I can't help use this forum to vent a little.


I just got back from two separate weeks of traveling. One was in NYC at the Renaissance Time Square and it was great as always. Excellent service and I love that hotel. They always take good care of me.


The second week was in Columbus Ohio and I stayed at the Columbus Marriott Northwest. First time I have stayed here. Some of the rooms are recently remodeled and I was placed in one of the remodeled rooms which was great. What I was not really happy about is that I used the mobile check-in and they assigned me an end unit room. Since I am a seasoned traveler, the end unit rooms are usually awkward and this was no different. Just a lot of wasted hall space. I normally don't care that much but this room had just a small chair. No couch or lounge chair. I asked to be moved but the clerk said they couldn't. Ok, it happens. I just didn't get a warm and cozy feeling with how I was treated but it's a work week anyway so I accepted it. As it turns out, it is possible all of the rooms have this design of just a small chair and not a couch or lounge chair. If true, I think that is a poor design for an otherwise great remodeled room. The manager called me later and was very nice about it so I appreciated that. She even sent me up a coupon for a free appetizer which I never used but I thought the gesture was nice. What I think swayed my feelings for that week was the check-in process and the attitude later when I asked if it was possible to move. It just wasn't the normal pleasant check-in or service I am accustomed too. After my week stay,  I left there with a feeling that it was not a great stay but I accepted it and thought maybe I was just being grumpy from two straight weeks on the road. 


Now comes the part that really gets me. When I checked in I specifically asked to change the card on file and use my State issued credit card instead of my Marriott credit card. The card on my profile is my Marriott card but I sometimes want to use my State issued credit card and have done that a thousands times before with never any issue. She took the card, entered the information and said I was all set. It wasn't until today that I noticed my Marriott card and not my State issued credit card was charged for the room. I knew it when I checked in that something was just not right about this clerk. She seemed confused with the mobile check-in, didn't recognize my status and now never correctly changed cards. I have a sick feeling that both cards will be charged. I am not going to call and have them change the card. I will deal with the mess. It's not that I can't use my Marriott card for work related stays, I can but in this case I specifically wanted my State issued credit card to be used and thought she took care of it. I wouldn't trust them to correct it so I don't want to call.


There, I vented. Just really disappointed in this stay at this hotel. Especially coming off a really great stay at the NYC Renaissance Times Square and every other Marriott hotel I have stayed at so far  this year (80 nights so far). Oh well, off to the next hotel next week and hoping for better service.