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Platinum Challenge

Question asked by helmi0820 on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by johnnnie

Hi everyone, I have a few concerns with regards to platinum challenge. I understand that the challenge requires the Gold member to complete 9 stays within 3 months which I got from the Marriot Rewards call center.


Ok here's the situation. Lets say I started the challenge on 1 November 2016 with the assumption that my current elite nights for the year is 30 and lets assume for each stay that I will make to complete the challenge will be only one night. With the 3 months period means I need to complete my 9 stays by 31 January 2017.


Ok, by 31 December 2016 I manage to complete 7 stays with my cumulated elite night will be 37 nights. Based on my understanding, since I failed to fulfil the requirement of 50 elite night to maintain my gold status, on the 1 January 2017 my elite membership will be downgraded to silver. However, I still have another 31 days in January 2017 to complete my Platinum challenge.


Now, I manage to complete the challenge of 9 stays by 31 January 2017 i.e 7 stays by 31 December 2016 whilst I'm a gold member and 2 stays between 1 Jan - 31 jan 2017 whilst my membership level is only silver.


QUESTION 1: Will I get the platinum status once I completed the 9 stays or my status will only be upgraded from silver to gold back since on the 1 Jan 2017 I am only a silver member?


Question 2: If the answer to question 1 is yes, I will be a platinum member, how long will I hold the platinum status (assuming no activity after I reached platinum status)? Is it for remaining of 2017 and the whole 2018 OR it will be only for 2017?


Hopefully I someone will be able to answer these questions. Thanks a lot!!