Angela P. at Marriott Prague has the Spirit to Serve!

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Another excerpt from Re: Honeymoon Success - Best Marriott Service (Budapest & Prague)


We sadly concluded our Budapest leg and took a long train to Prague early in the morning so we would not lose a day.  Knowing that there was no way this hotel experience could beat our last we went to check in and began our second half of the trip.  Same thing at check in, I asked if there was the possibility of an upgrade.  "Mr. D, first off congratulations on your honeymoon, we have something we think you'll be very happy with.  Would you mind waiting while I call my manager, she would like to come out and greet you personally."  My wife now began asking me what type of Marriott celebrity I am.  The manager comes out and says its her great pleasure to welcome us for our honeymoon, please let them know if there is anything at all that they can do, and that they have provided us a Bi-Level suite for the week.  This room was perhaps the nicest Marriott room I've been in, full living room and a half bath downstairs, steps leading up to a study, then full bath and bedroom with skylights in each room.  Unbelievable.  We dropped our stuff in the room and went to the CL (not as nice as Budapest, but still very nice) for a coffee to get us going for the day and came back to this:



Beer, champagne, cookies, strawberries, and delicious traditional Czech cake!


Angela was the wonderful Manager who went above and beyond her duties to make sure we had the best honeymoon possible.