Petronella from Busapest Marriott has the Spirit to Serve!

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I should have got to these much sooner, but have gotten busy with work travel.  Taking an excerpt from another post:


Re: Honeymoon Success - Best Marriott Service (Budapest & Prague)


Upon arrival in Budapest at 1 AM in the morning we were greeted with the normal check in process.  I asked if there were any available upgrades and this is when the magical Marriott trip began.  "Well Mr. D...we see it is your honeymoon and would first of all like to congratulate you both.  We have already processed an upgrade for you and have provided you with a corner suite with a balcony overlooking the Danube and Castle."  We were ecstatic!  The room was amazing, it was incredible to be able to walk out and have a coffee on the balcony every morning, and yes...this concierge lounge with balcony and full bar every night was the best I have ever been in.  The staff treated the service more like an actual table service than just clean up as well.  The wonderful manager also sent us over free champagne at the hotel bar downstairs and provided us a wealth of recommendations. 

Petronella was the wonderful employee at check in who cheerfully welcomed us, sent us over free champagne later in the week, and provided many excellent recommendations!