Mobile App - Are Requests Made Using It Fulfilled

Discussion created by idt on Oct 1, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by nationwide

I'm curious to know how other people have fared when using Marriott's mobile app to make requests.  My experience is that 90% of requests are ignored, with roughly half of those being closed without being fulfilled and the other half left open.


I normally check-in using the app and make the following requests immediately afterwards:


  • Bath robe (unless I know the room will have one in it automatically)
  • Extra toiletries, so there's enough for showers in the evening and the morning


I've also tried using the app to request wake-up calls after I've arrived at the hotel.


It's rare for any of these requests to be provided, and the response by the hotel reception when I tell them is usually "tell us what you asked for and we'll send it to the room straight away".


Is it just the hotels I stay at that are like this, or is this a common problem?