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Gold Status Benefits Clarification

Question asked by rle on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by iahflyr


I am hoping someone can clarify a benefit under the Gold Status.  It says that Gold Members are supposed to get lounge access with daily breakfast.  It also states that in the even there is no lounge at a specific hotel, then the hotel will offer you something else, like points. Neither of the first two hotels I have stayed at under my new Gold Status had a lounge and I was offered either free breakfast or bonus points.  I am confused because my interpretation of the benefits is that you get the breakfast anyway.  Is the breakfast tied to the lounge access?  So, if there is no lounge, then there is no free breakfast? In which case the hotel can offer you your choice of free breakfast OR bonus points?  Or are the two benefits NOT tied together?  It seems to me that both are perks and so if there is no lounge access, I should receive the bonus points as a consolation but also the breakfast?  Am I in error? 


Thank you in advance. break