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What does it take to get to Platinum Premier

Question asked by gatorlitigator on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by cmeyer

I've been hoping to make Platinum Premier for a couple years now, but, thus far, no dice. 

I've been Platinum Elite for about 4 years and this year already have about 110 nights and will probably hit 140 including reward stays. 

I've heard the Plat Premier is only the top 2-5% of platinums, anf tgat there is no specific requirements, but I was just wondering from those of you who've made it, whether I'm in the ballpark.

I'm also curious if it is based on nights or dollars spent, if it's the latter, I'm probably out of luck as most of my paid stays are for work and at the Government discounted rate.

I'd appreciate any insight.