eFolio from Canceled Stay - Always keep emails!

Discussion created by seatexan on Sep 27, 2016
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I had to cancel a reservation at the JW New Orleans for this past weekend.  I cancelled on the 13th.  Thursday the 22nd I get an e-mail from the hotel asking if there was anything I needed before my stay. I told the person I had cancelled my stay but would let them know next time I made a reservation. I thought this was odd.


This morning I wake up to a "Thank you for staying". Whaaa?  Looks like it was a charge for a no show...


Checked Marriott CC - nothing charged.


Checked Marriott Acct under cancelled reservations, this cancel does not show.


Checked e-mail for this cancel and I have the e-mail, phew! I knew I was not crazy.


I have never had this happen, anyone else? I see the stories on here about people not keeping their e-mails and they get in a bind when they are charged and can't prove it. 


The system doesn't show this reservation anywhere. I don't see a place where I can check by reservation or cancellation number.  All I have is an e-mail from Sept 13th with a cancellation number.


I'll keep an eye on my acct... but as of this morning, I have not been charged. 


Always hang on to those email people I have a folder dedicated to Marriott.