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Worst Experience with Concord, CA Marriott

Question asked by kollasmarriott on Sep 23, 2016



I checked In to Residence Inn, 700 Ellinwood way, Concord, CA on 21st August and still am here.


As I am paying $220 per day, I thought that phone calls would be free and made calls from the hotel phone.Unfortunately no one intimated or given instructions to me about the charges.

I realized that varying amount is being deducted from my account day to day, and contacted the front desk. The front desk supervisor gave me the list of charges that occurred on my account. I was shocked to see the charge as $671 (for 20 calls) only for the phone calls from 21st to 26th August.


I am totally not aware that I will be charged to the phone calls. I came from India for a business visit for a month. Even I had invested $115 for phone calls in India and bought a new temporary calling card. Hotel expense will be given by my company but this extra charge occurred on phone calls, I have to pay from my pocket.

I will get only $50 per day for my food, laundry and conveyance expenses.


I reached out to the general manager and asked to lower the charges. He said the charges were charged by the AT&T, unfortunately i cant to do anything in it. Then I contacted the AT&T and asked to lower or waive off the extra charges, they told me that as I am the guest to Marriott, i am not suppose to call to AT&T and not authorized person as i am guest. They advised me that "we can lower the charges only if the hotel authority people call to us and ask for the waive off, as i am not the authorized person to call to AT&T".


I explained every thing to the manager and he said "I cant call to them, i have my work, i have dead lines. I don't have time to call even next week".

It is just a matter of 5 to 10 minutes. Can you guys effort 5 minutes to your customers concern. This is really very pathetic situation i have ever seen in my life.

I already spend more than $6000 till now and extended my trip to three more weeks.


I am leaving back to India tomorrow. Really highly frustrated with this.

If someone ask my experience with Marriott, i should give 0 rating to it because -1, -2 .... values were not yet introduced.