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Help decyphering SPG Platinum Benefits

Question asked by clebert on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by erc

Here is what SPG says about platinum benefits:


Now that we get status matching with SPG, I am attempting to figure out what platinum with SPG actually means.


Seems that there is CL access unless the CL is on something called "Tower Level" in which case only tower level rooms get access?  Is that true?


Also no free breakfast unless you choose that at check in as your "gift"?  Or maybe there is free breakfast if you get CL access in which case you should choose points as your gift?


How can I tell if an SPG property has a CL?  Seems maybe Sheratons are the only ones that do, along with an occasional Westin?  Do the beach resorts have them, or are they like Marriott where resorts usually do not have a CL?


Any SPG gurus out there?