Massive Marriott Platinum Devaluation with SPG Merger Match

Discussion created by mroseman13 on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by hoops777

The Marriott Elite program was massively devalued when they announced the match-ups with SPG status. I've stayed 75+ nights at Marriott last year (and many other years prior), and now this same status is given away to any SPGer who could have stayed as few as 25 nights! Marriott Platinums don't even get the benefits of a 75 night SPG Platinum nor the benefits from staying 50 nights.

This is quite a terrible devaluation to the Marriott Elite program and I'm disappointed in Marriott for saying that their elites matter less.


Also, why would anyone stay a single night at a Marriott property to earn elite status next year? I can stay 1/3 the number of nights at SPG and be given the exact same status and more benefits.