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Best value of Marriott category levels using starpoints transferred

Question asked by hoops777 on Sep 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2016 by chobbits

As a new member it appears to me that category 3 and 4 offer a good value in terms of number of hotels offered and locations.It seems like transferring Starpoints in at a 3-1 ratio makes these excellent deals.Staying at a category 3 for 5 nights would require 60,000 points with the 5th night being free.If I use Starpoints it would only require 20,000 or 4000 per night.I am beginning to think that I should be transferring most of points while I still can at that 3-1 ratio.It is such a better deal than someone using their Marriott points.I hope I am not missing something here.