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Newbie needs help to understand reward level status

Question asked by starryeyedwonder on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by jacktwirll

This is my first day looking at insiders.

I have not made good use of my status.

I started out with silver elite 3 years ago.

A few months back I was given gold elite status.  I do not know why.

Q1  Also the nights earned and the nights credit with 2 different numbers are confusing.  Would you tell me what they mean?


Q2.  I do not want to lose Gold status  (I have been looking at the previous posts re this)

I did receive an email that I have to stay 20 nights before Dec 31 to keep Gold.

I do not think that I can do this..

Q3  is there some relationship between $ charged on rewards card and earning credit for status?


Q4  explain the challenge again please.


Thank you