Spring Promo 2016 - Thank you, Cara!

Discussion created by clebert on Sep 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by carat

Just letting the group know that I had a problem with points not posting properly for the Spring 2016 Promo.  It may have been entirely my fault as I hadn't updated the expiration date of my Marriott Rewards Chase Card, and you needed an active Chase card to get the extra points from the promo.  I called the customer service line, but the rep just didn't understand exactly what I was asking and insisted that I'd gotten more points than I deserved.  But neither the extra points that I actually earned nor the extra points that the rep thought I had gotten showed up on my activity log on my MR account.  So I asked carat to help, and in just a day or two my missing points appeared on my account, plus some extra to line up with what the phone rep had said I'd received (but I hadn't).  So, a big thank you to carat and for my fellow Insiders for the great help and advice on this and all things Marriott and travel-related!  I have three conferences this fall, and none are on Marriott properties.  But you can bet I'll be staying at a nearby Marriott property for all three