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What a weekend!

Definitely not only exciting, but also inspiring and productive. Why productive you ask? For the very simple reason that although it may seem we only got to meet each other, we also got to know each other - which is what this gathering was all about.

It's simply because we're all travelers, sharing our common interest in traveling in general, and in Marriott in particular, and swapping experiences between ourselves. It's not straight forward to have this kind of experience, and it looks like this is another type of being rewarded as being part of the Marriott Rewards program (just another way to look at things ). This whole issue is probably a significant part of our lives, pushing us forward to explore as much as we can, thus making us happy . I can definitely say I'm happy and I'd like to thank you for making it so.

We always inspire to improve our environment in order to make ourselves more comfortable, and after this one I'm sure we can all clearly say: indeed, it will just get better.

With this optimistic view I'd like to thank again all participants, and wish us all many more similar events with many more insiders joining us!

It will be my pleasure to occasionally bump into any of you guys anywhere around the globe (in a Marriott hotel of course ).

So... C U around!!