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Best waterfront/oceanfront properties in North America for Family Travel?

Question asked by malstott45 on Sep 17, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by clebert

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well.  Really excited to randomly find MRI as I am a multi-year platinum member always looking for the best way to maximize use of my points for family travel. I have one child (18 months) and my wife and I love to travel. We just got back from the Marriott Ocean Club in Aruba where were got really lucky to book a flight + hotel package to take advantage of gaining airline miles as well. The purpose of my question (and my apologies if this is posted in the wrong location on the website) is that I would like to hear from other insiders as to the best waterfront/oceanfront warm weather properties in North America/Caribbean where we can look to continue using our points.


WE absolutely loved the Marriott Vacation Clubs in Aruba and would go back in a second, but from what I can tell it must have been a complete act of God that I was able to use points because when I search now for the same locations there are literally no available weeks for use looking out as far as you can book. I certainly understand those being timeshares that it would be difficult/if not impossible to find times when you would be able to use your points at vacation clubs. So, I'd love to hear from others of places they were able to fairly easily use points for a stay at a nice property that is on the water AND has a kitchen in the room. I would definitely consider a Residence Inn as well as Marriottt Vacation Clubs as well.


It's tough to travel with our young son for a week and only have a standard hotel room. Thank you all for viewing my question and I truly appreciate any and all advice. Our travel dates are flexible since he is not in school yet so feel free to chime in with any ideas!