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Did you ever just have a stay where almost nothing met your expectations?

Question asked by rebeccakirahannah on Sep 22, 2016
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Hello All,


I confess that normally I am a lurker, I have been for years now. I enjoy all the debate and the conversation and the tips and tricks for how to find the value in my Marriott Rewards program.  As a gold member I am not as awesome as those who spend many more nights a year at Marriott properties and I also confess that I am loyal to other programs at the same time.


I was all set to send in my fifth message to Marriott regarding one particular stay when I thought maybe I'd try posting here and see if anyone else had similar experiences with a property.  We took a wonderful trip to Europe this summer with our youngest two children and we enjoyed many nights in beautiful Marriott properties that either met or exceeded our expectations. Then we arrived at the Edinburgh Marriott in Scotland.  We picked this site over many others because 1) it was a Marriott, 2) it would have a concierge lounge and 3) it would have a room big enough for the kids to spread out.  The room rate was not fabulous (because it was still high season and because the currency conversion zinged a bit) and there were other locations in the same area, closer to the Royal Mile with much lower rates. Nevertheless we booked and I checked in online on September 1st.  I arrived and after settling in the room I went off to find the executive lounge to grab a drink and a snack. My first surprise came when I was informed that effective that day the Lounge had been closed and would not reopen. Hmmm...not impressed particularly not impressed when I had asked Marriott by phone and by chat if this property had a lounge and was assured that they did.  So, being a positive person I let it go and they gave me 2 coupons for a free drink at the bar and said they would "offer a generous 750 points in place of breakfast now that the lounge was closed" hmmm thought that was in the fine print of the elite program as a guarantee but if it is a generous offer in their mind that compensates for failure to deliver on the product promised, okay, fine I didn't say anything and went on my merry way.  We had a number of issues with the first room related to an air conditioner that was too loud to be able to sleep or even have a conversation and we had to be moved. No problem, **** happens so we move. We encounter a number of other issues, mostly minor, ie. bathtub drain plugs, wonky internet, loud housekeeping, you know first world problems that really shouldn't irritate a person. But at the end of the stay I looked at my husband and he said "Do you feel like we just paid $800 to stay in a Travelodge on rte 192 in Florida?" And I have to say for the first time in a very very long time I stayed in a Marriott and almost nothing met my expectations and I was... disappointed? Is that silly? It's just a hotel right? It was clean, it had a bed and a pool. What was my problem? Silly me, I was actually disappointed by a brand??


So we moved on to another Marriott back in London and it was AWESOME.  Arrived home and like always I watched to make sure the points posted to my account for all of the different hotels we stayed in and one after the other they posted and I checked them off.  All but guess who? Excellent guess if you say The Edinburgh Marriott. So at the 10 day mark, I fill out a missing stay form. Nothing. Three days later I chat with Marriott online, again Nothing.  Then I chat with Marriott again, followed up with an email and the points post today. But lo and behold no "generous 750 points per night for the missing breakfast". Surprised? No. Frustrated? Definitely.


So, have any of you had an experience with this particular hotel? Or did you ever just have a stay where you walked back outside of a property to make sure that the Marriott sign actually was on the property because your expectations and reality were just so far apart?