Lost and Found and Lost - Springfield, IL Fairfield Inn

Discussion created by orddoug on Sep 19, 2016
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At the end of July I stayed at the Fairfield Inn in Springfield, IL.  We had a nice stay, but my girlfriend left her hair straightener at the hotel.  We called the property and were assured they had the item and would hold it for pickup.  Unfortunately, when my girlfriend stopped in to pick it up, the staff could not locate it.  She left disappointed and called again to verify, only to be told that the straightener had re-appeared.  At this point, she was told that the hotel would mail the item back to her, but no package ever arrived.  Calling again after a few weeks, she was told by the desk staff that "we can't help you".  The employee on the phone then changed her name when asked, giving a different name than she had answered the phone with.  Considering that we were assured on 2 occasions that the missing item was in the possession of the hotel staff, it seems that we are due, either the item or the $60 it would cost to replace it.  I've left another message for the manager, but no reply so far.  Any suggestions??US