Incredibly Successful Insider Gathering (oh all right TIPPLE)

Discussion created by bejacob on Sep 18, 2016
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Well, TIPPLE (are you happy brightlybob) was a huge success. We can attribute that to all the great Insiders who showed up.


TIPPLE was the largest ever organized meeting of Insiders. This post, may be the first ever collaborative post (though we don't know if razorbackfan and bikinchris have done something similar before).


So here we sit in the Springhill Suites in Corpus Christi (saving $$$ by sharing a two queen-bed room)


We both want to thank everyone who made TIPPLE the wonderful event that is was. We had about 25 folks in attendance. People like jerrycoin, erc, pluto77seatexan, nationwide, fistuk, iahflyr, Thom Kozik, and communitymanagers. So many more we can't name everyone, but all y'all know who you are.


Folks arrived at different times on Friday and Saturday. Friday night we mostly gathered in the bar, but the JW agreed to open honor bar in the CL for a couple of hours (5-7pm). Those of us already there took great advantage of this perk (and the free Brit snacks ). After we closed down the lounge, we headed back to the bar or to nearby watering holes to continue the fun. About 10pm, jsucool76 showed up and helped the tech troglodytes sign up for Twitter and earn some additional #MRpoints. A few brave souls (led by painedplatinum) closed down the neighborhood bar Friday night.


Most everyone enjoyed breakfast Saturday morning (except bejacob who went off to collected counties west and south of Houston). We all convened at 3pm in the Griffin Lounge to hear a preview of what is to come with Insiders and related projects from Thom, Jasmine, and Nathalie. Let's just say it sounds pretty cool.


That evening, Marriott hosted an amazing reception for us - food, drink, and great conversation. It was truly the highlight of the weekend. We can't thank Nathalie enough for putting all of this together. Did we mention that we had unlimited, free booze iahflyr? We did raise a glass to all those who wanted to be there but were unable to attend for whatever reason. If/when we ever do this again, we hope you can join us.


Late night munchies encouraged about half a dozen of us, led again by the intrepid painedplatinum, to hop the metro for a midnight taco run to Tacos-a-gogo. Look for the picture for the pictures in Iahflyer's major fail. Opinion differ on that topic, but the tacos were darn good.


Brightlybob, SeaTeaxan, Pluto77, PainedPlatinum, Jsucool76 (missing is the photographer bejacob)


Most everyone headed home Sunday after breakfast. We (bejacob and brightlybob) headed south to Corpus Christi collecting counties along the way.


We, the members of the organizing unorganised committee, now formally relinquish our duties. We hope everyone (whether you attended or not) enjoyed the last nine months of planning threads and discussions. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. We think we speak for all of us who experienced TIPPLE when we say, "what an amazing weekend it was!" 


Last thought: what happened at TIPPLE stays at TIPPLE.