Did you receive Marriott Reward Points for Anniversary Month?

Discussion created by coupons on Sep 17, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by needleworker

While on Twitter I noticed people getting points for their anniversary month (300 Mr for Gold Elite, 150 for Silver Elite, etc.); I have never rec'd points for my anniversary  month this is the response I got (I also got a phone number to call to check this out); I know I have been a member for years; wonder if I will get the pts for all the years I didn't

Carol  @socmom
Sep 16
@MarriottRewards #Rewarding how do I get 300 bonus pts saying thanks my loyalty as a gold elite member
Marriott Rewards
Sep 16
@socmom Lastly, It needs to be your anniversary month of joining Marriott Rewards. I hope this is helpful!