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Surge (or Market) Pricing - Sky's the Limit?

Question asked by ssindc on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2016 by pluto77

In Minneapolis this week, staying at the downtown Courtyard [a brief report here: Morning in Minneapolis | Marriott Rewards® Insiders], a colleague told me that:

  • he missed the deadline to get the conference rate at the hotel, and
  • he was a quoted a one-night rate of $3,000+ for the Courtyard, and when he called the Platinum line, they confirmed that was the rate for the remaining room(s) in the hotel.


To my mind, that's big money, generally, but that's extraordinarily high for a Courtyard not located in London, NYC, Paris, Tokyo or, well you get the idea. (Sure, I've seen $1,200 for the Manhattan/Times Square Residence Inn over New Years (and you can spend up to $4,500/night at the Ritz on the same night, but ... Minneapolis?)....


Which begs the question: what is the highest surge pricing rate you've ever seen quoted for a one night stay ... anywhere???


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