Morning in Minneapolis (Downtown Courtyard)

Discussion created by ssindc on Sep 14, 2016
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Just enjoyed a nice, brief (one night) stay in the Minneapolis downtown Courtyard.  I found much to recommend:


  • Very nice location, particularly if you want to attend a game at US Bank stadium - might not be as close as it looks, but I'm assuming it's still walking distance.
  • Enthusiastic, high energy greeting at the front desk.
  • Placed/upgraded in(to) a splendid room - high floor, corner room, multiple gorgeous windows. (View includes mobile phone pic, above.)
  • Lots of my favorite creature comforts:
    • lots of outlets, all over the place
    • plentiful, diverse, attractive lighting options for all areas of the room
    • the rolling under desk (for your laptop computer) that you can use to make your desk an L or set up the desk looking out the window, etc.
    • in room coffee (single serve) machine
    • Bed - very comfortable
      • having said that, I remain flummoxed by the bedding.  I always feel like I've been "short-sheeted" at Courtyard, and I need to untuck the entire bed to enjoy the sheets/bedding.
    • Trendy, attractive, sliding glass shower door - slick design.

Over time, I've softened on my aversion to Courtyard, where your loyal Marriott status doesn't earn you a free breakfast.  Among other things:

  • Much as I enjoy (OK, I really enjoy) a good Marriott or Renaissance breakfast, I find that I rarely bother to eat what's offered for breakfast at Residence Inn or Spring Hill Suites anyway....  In other words, if I don't want to eat it, I'm not impressed by a free breakfast.
  • City for city, I find that Courtyard offers very competitive rates, comfortable rooms and ... well ... value.
  • Granted I still find Courtyard's toiletries substandard - they surely aren't Aveda (or even Thann) - but I wouldn't chose a hotel on that alone....