Marriott v Third Party Bookings

Discussion created by _shane_t on Sep 11, 2016
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I Know this subject has been discussed at length but I do have a question.  i stay almost 200 nights per year at Marriott properties and have sometimes gone out of my way to stay brand loyal.  In the past, I have been able to use my accrued points to take my family on a nice vacation as a type of reward for me being gone so much.  My company recently switched to Egencia and now loyalty points are few and far between.  In my experience, the prices on Marriott.com have been very close in range to those on Egencia.  But here is my case in point:  When I worked for the government I could get a room at the Marriott for usually $100 off the normal price.  This discount STILL allowed me to obtain Marriott rewards point and credits for nights stayed.  Now, I pay the full room rate but because I went through Egencia I am penalized and receive nothing.


Marriott does not not seem to care about brand loyalty.  I wish someone would end this little pissing match Marriott has going with the TPB agencies and focus on their loyal customers.