Revamped Rooms at the Crystal Gateway Marriott

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If you're planning any trips to the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA, please be aware that rooms are in the process of being refurbished. I was on the 17th floor of the Arlington Tower and while using the elevator to go the Lobby, on 2 occasions, it would stop on the 15th floor. However, no one got on, but the elevator area on the 15th floor was under construction during the period, September 1-3, 2016.


I was told by the front desk that the room renovations are expected to be completed hotel-wide by March 2017.


In addition, the Mez Restaurant that's on the 1st Floor will be moved down to the lobby level area. When I went for breakfast on Saturday, the buffet area was closed off and they moved buffet meals into the dining area. I was told that they plan to have meeting rooms in this area.


The bar and restaurant area on the lobby level was boxed off which included the escalators. So, that section is under construction.

Here are some photos of the Crystal Gateway Marriott entrance.....

Arlington Tower:

Capitol Tower:

Main Entrance of the Hotel: