Geneva and Barcelona

Discussion created by 7 on Sep 12, 2016

So, I'm planning my fall break for October. We've already booked a flight to Geneva where we intend to visit some friends. Only 1 result on Marriott search there and it was a Ritz at almost $500/night, so I probably won't be staying there for personal travel.


We plan to stay there 3 nights and then fly to Barcelona to stay 4 nights. On my previous visit to Barcelona I stayed at the AC Hotel Sants. It's kind of far from everything, but was quite cheap is near a metro/train station so it's pretty convenient for getting around town and also getting the train to Figueres so we can visit the Dali Museum. So, I'm considering staying here again. No lounge or breakfast or anything, but the train station has cheap and easy options.


I am considering a few others more central locations, but it hardly seems worth the extra cost.


Also debating just renting a car to drive to Figueres and then I could also go to Port Ligat, but that's a pretty long drive outside of Barcelona so I think I'll save it for another trip when we can stay somewhere closer to there and maybe visit some other places up that area.



I don't really have any question, but just thought I'd throw it out there for comments.