Polar Express in Palestine, Tx, where to stay?

Discussion created by ilmk0801 on Sep 8, 2016

I am going to Palestine, Tx for the last time I get to do the Polar Express..kiddos are just getting too old and don't want to do it anymore. Really? No Santa and cookies and night time fun? Yeah the darn things grow up too fast! lol! I have never been there and have been looking at hotels. I looked for some Marriott hotels but found the closest to be in Tyler! Poo, poo. Would love to stay at the Residence Inn there but the hubby might be too tired to drive the 40miles. Anyone been here and can recommend another hotel that's in Palestine? Would love recommendations on where to eat and what to see, too, if ya got ideas. We will be driving in early and want to look around. Thank you all for your help! Always the best ppl