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Is there a nice Marriott/Renaissance in Barcelona near port or Med?

Question asked by libralady on Sep 8, 2016
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Is there a nice Marriott or Renaissance in Barcelona, preferably near the cruise port or the Mediterranean?


I am planning back to back Mediterranean cruises in the fall of 2017 and am planning for Barcelona to be one of my starting locations and/or my in between cruises destination.  Not sure yet if it will be a one night stay or more, because I have not decided on the cruise itineraries or cruise ships.  I have been to Barcelona before, so I will not be doing a lot of tourist stuff, but would like a nice Marriott or Renaissance that is either near the cruise port or near the Mediterranean.  It would be nice to just sit on my balcony and relax and watch the Mediterranean.  I would like if it has a decent restaurant, so that if need be, I don't have to leave the hotel.  I will either be flying or cruising into Barcelona.