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King bed to double beds on points reservation

Question asked by researchmtravel on Sep 10, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by californian

I am a Platinum rewards member.  I am interested in reserving a Ritz Carlton room using my reward isorpoints. The only reservations available are with King only.  We are a family of 3 and need two double beds.  If I reserve the King will I be able to switch to double beds at check in given I am Platinum?  Travel is at a moderately slow time of year... but would still expect to be busy but not sold out.  When I try to reserve for 3 people no options come up.  Any advise on taking the risk?  It is the hotel we really want to go to.  We used points there a few years ago and loved it.... but had two double beds for our point reservation.