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JW Marriot at Mall of America, Minneapolis ,lost my personal item

Question asked by sweetnovember on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by insertcoffee

I was staying at JW Marriot last week in Bloomington, MN (Mall of America, outside of the Minneapolis). I opted out of the house keeing. But the house keeper entered my room and did the house keeping anyway. That is fine. But they took my personal tea set away!  I called the front desk, they sent Kenyetta and she was very nice and polite. But they could not find my tea set. She promised to keep looking for it while I checked out the next day. However, once I am out of the door, I don't hear from them anymore. The senior operation manager Bowen Kilker, is terrbile!!!!! I wrote him emails, left voice mails, just no reply at all. I brought this tea set from overseas! I sent them the link where they can buy the tea set and ship it to me. But they just have no response at all. What should I do now?


Thanks everyone!