Cancellation Penalties

Discussion created by phctourist on Sep 4, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by jerryl

About twenty months ago there  was a lot of discussion, on this site, regarding the day notice requirement for cancelling a reservation.  One issue that was not discussed was  "Why should there be any fee if the room ends up being rented for the night".


I have no objection being charged if I cancel on short notice and the hotel loses a night's rental.


I do think that it is unreasonable for the hotel to rent the room to someone else and still bill me for the night. I would even be happy if the Government outlaws the policy of re-renting as room and still charging a cancellation fee.  I wouldn't even object to a longer cancellation notice requirement if the fee only applied to rooms that were not re-rented.


I'd be very surprised if Marriott makes such a change but the surprise would be a pleasant one.