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So here we are, it's September 1st and that as we all know is TIPPLE month. Yes folks in just 2 weeks a couple of dozen of us will journey our way across the USA, Canada and the Atlantic to meet together and become the "live and in person" version of Marriott Rewards Insiders - for 2 days only!

So I've set up this thread to bring forth your TIPPLE TITBITS, whether you're attending or not, what do you want to say to us, to each other, or share some useful info, whether about TIPPLE itself or some Marriott travel stuff.


How about your plans for TIPPLE, when are you arriving? Collecting miles from the flight, or simply driving the miles? TIPPLE is about sharing, sharing MRI, sharing ideas, sharing experiences, and here's the place to be involved in our TIPPLE whether you're joining us or not...

And so I'll begin, my TIPPLE TITBITS...

1. Titbit in English, is referred to as tidbit in America and is a very small example of our two countries "separated by a common language" - and that in itself is a titbit, for a titbit/tidbit is a small piece of interesting information.

2. Built in 1910 the original building now occupied by the JW Houston Downtown was at 16 floors the tallest building in Texas. Unsurprisingly, it no longer holds that record despite, more surprisingly, adding 6 more floors during the 1920's and later still, a penthouse. So those of you on the 17th floor or above, appreciate that you're in the extension!


Spot the difference!



3. I will be arriving at the JW Houston on Thursday 15th September and hope to sample it's lounge and provide all you TIPPLERS (and lurkers too) with one of my lounge rundowns, so attendees will know what to expect and non-attendees what they're missing.

Now, to you fellow MRI'ers, share a few of your titbits...