Beware:Time Share/Destination Points Presentation High Pressure and Bullying

Discussion created by 40yearmarriottcustomer on Sep 4, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by john_thai

I am a forty year customer of Marriott and a Platinum Premiere Member, That means I have earned well over three million Marriott Rewards points and I have spent well over $300,000 over the years with Marriott. I have also been a Marriott Vacation Club owner since 1996.

Having said that, I was extremely unhappy with the very aggressive sales techniques used to try to get us to buy Destination points at Marriott's Myrtle Beach Ocean Pines resort in August 2016. The "closer" (not the presenter) refused to allow my wife and I to go have lunch and talk it over. He jammed his hand at me several times trying to get me to shake on the deal.

If the purchase was that wise, then they should have allowed us to decide on our own. I bought the points but cancelled the deal the next day. I remain very upset and bitter about it. I would NOT buy anything related to Marriott Time Shares again and suggest you don't either. Don't reward their aggressive behavior.