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Gold Elite Upgrades

Question asked by misslu on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by mycatdixie

I have been Gold Elite for several years and happy with the program and benefits until recently when 2 things changed.  I started using the check in app and I elected the advance purchase rate.  In both cases I have been given less desirable rooms and told no upgrades were available. This past week at the Springhill Suites Oceanside our room was on the 3rd floor next to the Train Tracks.  There was a white noise machine and earplugs in our room but that didn't help.  Immediately upon entering we asked for a change but told no other rooms were available but given 5,000 points and a $60 credit which was appreciated but not nearly as much as 2 nights of well rested sleep would have been.   Next stop was in Anaheim where we received a 6th floor room (14 floors total) with a view of the parking lot, 1 room away from the elevator.  A check on-line showed other room types available.  A visit back to the front desk after the first morning had them offering to move us but I wasn't interested in packing and unpacking and stayed put.   So, did I just have bad luck back to back or should I stop using the online check-in or advance purchase rate or both....?