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Sleepless in Southside, Pittsburgh...

Question asked by striper23 on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by droma

WTF,  I did it again. I booked a room  (2 nights) at the Southside works, Springhill Suites, Pittsburgh. I asked for a riverside room and when I checked in all they had was the train track side room. It's a nice room and all but the all too frequent train line is directly beneath my window. It is now the middle of the night and have been woken up 3 x times in 3 hours. The trains rumble down the tracks and blow their horns just as they pass alongside the hotel. The wall literally shakes in my room.


There needs to be a triple or mega type bonus point structure or reward for the people who stay at this hotel and lose in the "Russian Roulette" at the front desk and are "sentenced" to stay on the train side of the hotel.


I should have stayed at the new Hyatt House up the road.


Sleepless in Southside, Pittsburgh..