Shocked by the situation and lack of apology

Discussion created by ppmcgloth on Sep 1, 2016
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I was a guest at The Citizen Hotel, Sacramento on August 11.  In the middle of the night, a man was allowed to roam the hotel and tried to get me out of my room by yelling fire/fire drill - claiming he was staff.  Luckily, as it was in the middle of the night, I checked the peephole and noticed he was crouching at my door.  I called security.  A few minutes later there was a scuffle and the criminal was attacking the lone security guard.  I grabbed my iron and went to the hall to make sure the security guard didn't get hurt.  After the criminal was finally pinned down, I called the front desk and told them to call the police.  After the police took him outside, the man eventually told them he was trying to get me to open my door so he could jump me and rob me.  This guy who was clearly not dressed as a guest would be expected - was allowed to freely enter the hotel past doorman, security, valet, and front desk staff.  This guy was just out of jail and on probation.  After his arrest, I returned to my room - where there was ANOTHER guy in the hall who clearly didn't belong.  I called security and they said they thought they had seen the guy in the hotel before so he might be a guest - at this point the guy grabbed his paper bag, large can of beer, and walked quickly out of the hotel and down the street.  This hotel is completely unsecure and unsafe.  But even more shocking is the fact that I did not receive a call or visit from management the next day to apologize for the situation or even to thank me for helping to ensure the safety of their security guard - nothing.  And now, three weeks later - still no apology call, email or letter.  The front desk clearly knew who I was - so did security - and the police.  Nice way to take care of a Platinum Premier Guest.