Is This Really A Fairfield Marriott? Embarrising For Marriott

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I previously have stayed at the Fairfield Charlotte, NC Arrowood and the experience was quite pleasant as I stated on Tripadvisor. I believe they must have a new, incompetent, odious general manager who has no concept on how to properly and efficiently lead a business!

Marriott! You should remove your name from this landfill!

Check in about 7, girl at desk is rude.

9:30, go down to the lobby for tea.

No hot water. Ask girl at desk if she could get hot water. She tells me it's by the coffee.

I know water is clear but invisible? I inform her it's not by the coffee.

"Yeah, it's there."

No, it's not, the pot is empty. (Maybe I should turn on the fire sprinkler).

"I don't know what to tell you, it's there."

It's really not. She walks to the back room, obviously searching for a diving rod.

Girl Gone!

A.M. Go to use shower. Hair in the shower! Glad I didn't have to pay extra for the unanticipated discovery.

Shampoo container. Surprise! It's empty. Now I start wondering if the sheets were even clean.

Go down for bkfst. at 7:20 Surprise! NO coffee!

People are waiting around for someone to magically appear with the brown brew.

Go for eggs. Surprise! No eggs!

I'll have oatmeal. Surprise! The only hot water was the left over hot water from the previous night.... oh, wait. There was none then either.

7:40, still no coffee and many guests are clearly agitated.

Employee shows up, Janie. Incredibly pleasant, polite and friendly. She informs me the breakfast staff didn't show up. I'm thinking it's because they have a boss that is without clues.

Tell Janie there's no coffee, no eggs, no hot water, ask for GM number.

Finally get coffee at 7:50! Grab a muffin, get ready to leave.

Again tell Janie I would like to speak with the GM, Brittany Bailey. Janie tells me she emailed gm, gm emailed back and she would be calling me.

I call hotel at 5:30 to speak with gm and I am told she left earlier.

A business is only as successful as it's worst employee. Brittany, in my opinion, needs to find a job that doesn't require decision making or authority