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Re-sale or Second Hand Marriott Destination Points

Question asked by donaldhamilton on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by annieco

Hi, I hope someone can help me. I purchased 3 Marriott timeshares second hand or on the re-sale market a number of years ago. I have 2 units in Vegas, and one in Marbella Spain. I live in the UK. Last year I joined the Marriott destinations program which cost me an additional  $1800

With my 3 units, I currently have 9400 points to use every year, and my 9400 points mean that I am at executive level.

If I wanted to upgrade to Presidential level I would need another 600 points, or to Chairman's club I would need another 5600 points.

I have seen adverts on the net with destination points for sale, for between £5 - $20 per point, (I'm not sure how much Marriott charges, but I assume it would be a lot more than this)  I also understand that part of the cost, an additional $2 per point would be a fee from Marriott to transfer the points into my name.

My questions are,

1. Does anyone have any experience of buying second hand or re-sale destinations program points?

2. Can anyone point me towards any Marriott terms and conditions for buying second hand points?

3. Will Marriott treat my new second hand points the same as my existing points, and will they upgrade me to Presidential or Chairman's club, or will they treat me as a second class citizen much the same as they did when I purchased my second hand weeks, before I joined their destinations program.

I have also been told that Marriott are unable to sell me Destination points in the UK? but if I went to the US I would be able to buy them? What's all that about?

Any other help or information I would be very interested to learn.

Sorry to ask so many questions, but hopefully this will become an interesting thread, and answer at least some of them.