Quick Preview Of The New Centurion Lounge At Houston IAH Airport

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Attention all TIPPLE folks using IAH

Last Monday we flew out of IAH headed to Puerto Vallarta (PVR), Mexico, which gave us our first chance to go to the new Houston Airport System: American Express Opens The Centurion Lounge at Bush Airport at IAH that opened in July.  Those of you inbound or outbound from IAH should check this place out.  This one's for you jsucool76 who will be parked at the Lounge!!!

The Lounge is inside Security and i located in Terminal D near Gate 6.  There is a Duty Free shop across from Gate 6 where you'll see signs pointing to an elevator that will take you down one level to the Mezzanine Level and the Lounge. 

Houston Airport System: IAH Maps


The entrance to the elevator is much better marked than I imagined after reading a couple of reviews about the Lounge.  You can walk to the elevator from TSA Security areas in Either Terminal C or E in five minutes easily by following sign to Terminal D.  If you're flying in or out of Terminals A or B you can take the above ground TerminaLink to Terminal D/E, down the escalator and turn right walking into Terminal D, then left to the Gate 6 area.


We were greeted by three smiling faces at the entrance, gave them our boarding passes and ID's then escorted into the Lounge.  The place is not huge, but very nicely done with a very bright modern decor.  Much to our and pleasant surprise an old friend from the Continental President's Club/United Club who was a Bartender there for years was holding court behind the bar.  It was wonderful to see Charles again and we talked non-stop it seemed for the 75 minutes or so we were in the Lounge.  Charles is camera shy (oh yeah) so he turned away as I attempted to covertly take his picture (sorry for the photo being turned).



Anyway, he coined the phrase "uno mas' pour some more" so when you wish to have your drink replenished use his famous line and he will get the biggest smile on his face.


Since our flight was departing at 11:40 AM breakfast was still being served.  They had some very Fresh Fruit, Cereal, Banana Bread (was that ever good) and Zucchini Bread along with Bagels and some Pastry.



Hot items included Oatmeal, Poached Eggs with a nicely spiced Salsa on top, small Pancakes, Breakfast Potatoes with a Creamy Aioli Sauce, small Buttermilk Biscuits and something that I did not try and forgot what they called it.   Everything was very fresh and being replenished as needed or even if not needed and looked like it had been sitting for a bit.



It was a very nice experience and a place we will visit often when flying out of town.  Much better than the United Clubs all across the country and a very quiet spot to enjoy before your flight or connections. 

Funny thing happened as we were getting ready to leave, two Ladies who we know from the United Club were being given a tour of the Lounge and when they saw us almost looked embarrassed to be in there.  Maybe United is about to make another improvement in their food/beverages in their Clubs. 


When leaving the Lounge for your flight either walking or taking the TerminaLink I'd give yourself about 15 minutes to get there and find the gate.


P.S.  Another AMEX Platinum perk for another Lounge is Airport Lounge Program | Priority PassWe used the VIP Lounge in PVR when coming home and they had a very nice Lounge with excellent food and beverage offerings and service. Check it out and if like us my Wife has a Platinum card off my account so she got her own Priority Pass account so we do not have to pay the $27 guest fee, simply show both cards upon entrance.