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Room package/Rate Details Not being honored

Question asked by bacon14 on Aug 27, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2016 by missgee

I've been a Marriott rewards member for several years and have never experienced anything like what I'm going through and wondering if this has happened to anyone else.


Months ago I began planning a special trip with a few friends and under the room packages there was a great sounding deal.  It listed several items that were to be included so I booked it.  A few weeks later I called Elite customer service and the woman I spoke to confirmed again everything was included.  Fast forward to this week and I was hoping  to get a little information from the hotel as to the included items and if they were offered each day or if I needed to schedule my other activities around the days they were offered.  The hotel emails me and follows it up with a call that there is in fact nothing included in my rate, just my room.  Of course I can't believe I'm hearing this and they are adamant there is nothing included so I call Elite customer service to find out what happened.  I have 2 different people tell me not to worry that everything is still included and they don't know why the hotel can't see this and will contact the manager of the hotel on my behalf.  Today, I get an email from the hotel manager again telling me nothing is included but they will extend a 20% discount on food to me, or I can pay an additional $200 per day per room to get the items that were supposed to be part of the rate.


Customer service tells me to just go on our trip and if there is an issue at check in to have the front desk call customer service, but with the communication I've received from the hotel, I don't think they will honor anything. 


Has this happened to anyone else and if so, how did you get it resolved?


Thank you so much for any help or advice anyone can share!